Terms and Conditions

Philatelink Ltd is a trustworthy and reliable business. As such we try extremely hard to ensure that all orders are processed accurately, that means supplying the correct type and number of stamps as stated on the order invoice. However, know matter how careful we are there can still be occasions when the odd rogue stamp(s) somehow manage to get into the mix, especially when many thousands of stamps are sorted and counted in a single day. We do purchase a large percentage of our postage directly from our network of trusted suppliers in the UK and Europe. As a result it is simply not possible to check every single stamp that we purchase or supply.

Reflecting what is said above we always recommend that customers check the stamps they have been given, just to make sure everything is as expected. We welcome customer feedback and sincerely wish that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their postage stamps. Any problems or issues encountered will be dealt with promptly, either by sending replacement stamps in the case where unacceptable faults are found or by sending make up values where stamps of a lower face value to those expected have been supplied. Where very small amounts of stamps are affected it is our normal policy to send any replacement stamps along with the customers next order. Alternatively the shortfall can be refunded by any method that suits.

We allow up to 30 days from the date of receipt for customers communicate any concerns.

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