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Need help with selling your unwanted items on eBay?

Then look no further...if you have unwanted items you wish to sell and want the highest possible price then please contact David Waldie for advice on our ebay trading assistant service.

We work extremely hard and are proud to recognised as an eBay 'Top-rated Seller' and 'Premium Service Provider' and by allowing us to sell your items you to can share the selling power this brings and gain some additional benefits as well. Benefits include priority search of your items and increased visibility across the world. Many of our clients have been amazed at the prices their items have sold for. All you have to do is post or drop your items off and we manage the entire selling process for you.  We do offer a home pick up service for suitable properties how ever charges for this may apply depending on what you have for sale.

We were awarded eBay Premium Service status for providing:

  • Excellent customer service as rated by buyers;
  • A 30-day returns period (this is now required by law);
  • One free delivery option for buyers to choose if they wish;
  • A fast delivery option where buyers can pay extra for next day delivery etc.

Buyers like to know they are in safe hands and the level of service they can expect and by offering the above guarantees buyers do bid a bit higher for the items we sell on behalf of clients.


Our selling service fees are very competitive and we can sell almost anything for you subject to eBay selling policies and prohibited items list. Most clients choose to auction their items but you can also set a fixed selling price.  If your item does not sell it can 
simply be relisted for free or returned to you.


If your item sells for:-
  • £1 up to £1000 our fee is 25% inclusive of eBay/Paypal fees, a minimum fee of £1 per lot is applied to cover admin so if an item sells for £2.50 you would get £1.50 back;
  • Single sales £1000 and over 20% inclusive, however this does depend on how much work is involved to sell more valuable items.
The above selling fees based on single sales of £15 to £1000 are a combination of (12% inc VAT which we take for our time and effort), eBay fees (10%) and Paypal fees (3%). The only additional cost you need to pay is the postage and packing if the buyer opts for the FREE POST option (on average 99% of buyers do opt for free post). As part of the service we manage all of the customer management and shipping processes for you.

If you require our home pick up service we charge a flat rate fee of just £20 for any location within an 8 mile radius of the Galashiels. This fee simply covers the cost of fuel and our time. If you live further away we can provide you with an alternative quote.


eBay Business Selling Policy requires that top-rated sellers like us offer one free post option to buyers in the UK. Legally it is the sellers responsibility to ensure that purchases are delivered safe and sound to the buyer regardless of the sale value of an item.  For example if an expensive item is shipped to a buyer using an economy service then the seller is legally bound to refund the buyer the full amount paid if the item goes missing in the post or is damaged. eBay for this reason recommended that every package is dispatched using a tracked service as this gives the seller some protection.  However, it is not always feasable to use a tracked service especially for item worth less tha £50.


If the item(s) you are selling have some value (perhaps £50 and above) by law it is the sellers responsibility to ensure that the buyer receives the goods safely and in good condition. In such situations we strongly advise that you pay a little extra for a service which has tracking. This is a key requirement of the eBay/Paypal Seller Protection Scheme. It's quite simple, if you provide a tracking number which demonstrates proof of delivery to a  buyer then the full cost of the sale should be covered in the event of any claim.  

If you don't have a tracking number, then you are not covered by the scheme therefore if a package goes missing or the goods get damaged in transit then eBay/Paypal will always rule in favour of the buyer and  automatically refund their payment in full. As a seller you can always choose to accept the risk.  We find the UK postal service to be pretty reliable and most problems arise when sending items overseas.

We do try hard to encourage the buyer to select one of the premium services but many are quite happy to go with the cheapest option knowing that it is the sellers responsibilty to get the item(s) to them.


Offering FREE POST to buyers can work in your favour.  From our own experience we have found that free post items can and often do sell for more than those where postage is charged extra. For example an item selling for £20 + £5 P&P will may well sell for more than £25 when free post is offered. This is because more bidders are attracted to the item in the first palce resulting in greater bidding competition. Many buyers just will not bid on items where P&P is charged extra.

Free post listings are also given higher priority in the eBay product search engine so your items will be found much easier and increased visibility is assured. By default when selling our own stock we now offer free post on all our own listings.

The free post option also encourages buyers to purchase additional items which can be combined for even greater savings. Basically they can bid freely and with confidence knowing upfront exactly how much they will pay. As a seller if you want HIGHER RETURNS it pays to offer incentives which stand out from the crowd!

If you have any questions or wish to discuss our services in more detail then please contact David Waldie on 01896 759703 or 07510 312271
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