Collectable Stamps and Covers

It's a "Win Win" for everyone!

Our objective here is quite simple. We shall sell our collectable stamps and covers at prices equivalent to lowest prices found elsewhere on the Internet such as eBay. We shall calculate our selling price by recording the last four auction sales on eBay and then dividing the total by four giving us the average selling price.

To ensure that our customers get the best price possible we actively monitor auction prices regularly and adjust our selling prices accordingly to follow market trends. As well as customers paying the lowest price we save internet listing and selling fees, so this is a "Win Win" situation for everyone. If you require something that we do not have listed then just email us at or call on 01896 759703 or 07510 312271 and we will do our best.

We have over 20 years experience selling on eBay with over 250,000 sales so we do understand the worldwide market well. It will take a while to populate this category so please keep a bookmark and start saving.
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