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We specialise in four key areas, all relating to stamps and other collectable items:

  1. Buying and selling discounted GB postage stamps to individuals and businesses from this website;
  2. Selling collectible stamps and other collectable items generally by auction via our eBay shop;
  3. Top-rated eBay Trading Assistants offering a low cost commission selling service to clients via our eBay shop (link to eBay shop);
  4. Advice and valuation services for insurance or sale of collections.
Our key focus is on excellent customer service and value for money linked to super fast dispatch of orders. We aim to dispatch order same day if orders are received before 2.00 pm.

If you regularly use postage stamps and want to make big savings then we can certainly help you.

All British decimal postage stamps issued by the Royal Mail from 1971 (start of decimal currency) to present day are legally valid to be used as postage so long as they have not already been through the postal network e.g. it is illegal to sell or use stamps which have already been used on letters and packages, that have not been cancelled with a postmark (unfranked stamps). 

We only buy and sell stamps from trusted and reliable sources therefore everything we sell is fully valid to be used as postage within the UK.  That means stamps with original gum (as issued by Royal Mail) and sourced from stamp collections, professional stamp dealers and leading auction houses throughout the UK and Europe.

We are well known in the Philatelic Trade and publish our GB postage buying prices in leading philatelic trade and stamp collecting publications, and on our website BUYING PRICES

We stock pretty much every decimal postage stamp the Royal Mail have ever issued. Values range from 1p to £10 and everything in between. However, not all of the stamps we buy are sold on as postage. We are now finding that a growing number of more recent stamp issues are becoming collectible, which is how it should be. As a result it is getting much harder to buy some of the more popular stamps and booklets at any discount to face value, especially when collectors are willing to pay a premium over face value. Interesting and collectible stamps can be found in our eBay Shop or this website.

We are full members of the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) London) the leading professional trade body in the UK and renowned all over the World. As such we are bound by their codes of conduct and good business practises. We are also a member of the Scottish Philatelic Traders Association (SPTA) .


Today our business is very much a family run affair with Ann my wife and co Director undertaking much of the office administration duties and my son Martin who works full time processing most of the postage orders and keeping the postage stock levels up to date.

We have been a business seller (user name davewaldie) on eBay since 2004 and in 2011 we were pleased to be formally recognised as an eBay 'Top-rated Seller' and 'Premium Service Provider'.  These coveted awards are only given to businesses that consistently perform to the highest possible standards, including trust and reliability. See our POSITIVE Feedback.

Unfortunately stamp collecting as a hobby has been in decline for many years, especially very modern stamps where the market has been flooded with new issues. This is why we are now able to offer the surplus stamps as discounted postage. In fact many collectors stopped collecting around the turn of the millennium simply because it was becoming too expensive to collect all of the new stamp issues. As a result we are able to buy large decimal stamp collections at a discount to face value. Hopefully one day this trend will reverse as surplus stocks of decimal stamps are sold off.

Approximately 80% of our stock is purchased from various UK & European stamp collectors and dealers with the other 20% sourced from quality stamp auction houses.

We are always pleased to sell your unwanted stamps and other items on a commission basis.  We have gained a good reputation for achieving excellent financial returns for our clients, mainly through our Internet commission selling service where your items are advertised and can be seen buy collectors right across the world.  


All of the postage stamps we sell are GUARANTEED GENUINE mint stamps that have never previously been through the postal network. We DO NOT buy or sell any of the "un-franked " and sometimes "fake" stamps that are offered elsewhere on the Internet. Our reputation has been built on Trust and Integrity over the last 20 years.

Unless otherwise stated, the pictures shown are purely for illustration purposes. You will normally receive a mixture of different designs, or very occasionally they could all be of the same design, it really just depends on what we have available from stock at the time of your order. Often the bags of mixed stamps are purchased already made up for us, so unless there are obvious errors, we go with what we have been given.

We guarantee that whatever you are sent, ALL of the stamps will be 100% valid for postal use in the UK.



From 31st January 2023 all Definitive and Regional (the Queen's Head 'Machin' stamps including the Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Ireland regional stamps) will no longer be valid for postal use therefore we will gradually phase those stamps out as we run up to Christmas 2022. There is no need for panic as all of these stamps can (if you wish) be used as normal until the 2023 deadline or be SWAPPED for the brand new barcoded stamps by returning them to the Royal Mail by post. Over time we will be swapping 100,000's of stamps for the new barcoded stamps. This really is a WIN WIN situation for everyone. Gradually we will build up good stocks of the new barcoded stamps as the old stamps are swapped, sold off or used up.

Importantly, all Commemorative and Christmas Stamps (those stamps with pretty pictures) will remain 100% valid for postal use after 31st January 2023, therefore they cannot be swapped out for the new barcoded stamps. These stamps we will keep selling as we have done for the last 20 years. This great news for our many customers who prefer the picture stamps rather than what some say are the dull and boring definitive stamps.

After Christmas 2022 we will only supply Commemorative (Picture) and Christmas Stamps (issued from 1971 to date) and of course the brand new Royal Mail barcoded stamps.  As we move into 2023 there will be far less discounted postage available in the UK, so we advise customers to stock up on all stamps that will be valid for postal use after 31st January 2023.


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