1st Class and 2nd Class NVI Discounted Stamps

Non valued indicated stamps were first introduced by the Royal Mail in 1989. Basically there are four different types of non value indicated stamps, Commemorative stamps (picture stamps issued to celebrate special events and popular themes), Definitive stamps (standard Queen's Head Machin stamps), Christmas stamps and Regional stamps with themes relating to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of these stamps are 100% valid for postal use anywhere in the UK, even those issued in 1989 being inflation proof.

All of the postage stamps sold via this website are 100% genuine mint stamps that have never previously been used for postage. We DO NOT buy or sell any of the illegal " un-franked " stamps that you may see offered elsewhere on the Internet. Unless otherwise stated, the pictures shown are purely for illustration purposes. You may well receive ALL or a MIX of commemorative and definitive stamps depending on what we have in stock at the time of your order.



Unfortunately the situation with supply of postage is still getting worse as each week passes. For the time being this Global Pandemic and Brexit have almost killed off the supply chain. We are now praying every day that new stock will come through the door. Unfortunately we have virtually nothing left to fall back on. As soon as any new stock comes in we will make it available immediately.

We suggest you check our shop regularly to avoid disappointment. You can bookmark your favourite stamps so that you will receive an email notification when new stock.

We desperately need public stamp auctions to resume but there is simply no chance of that whilst the pandemic and the necessary restrictions remain in place.

In the meantime please stay safe where ever you are and I am sure we will get through this.

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