1p x 100 Discount GB Postage Stamps

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​The 1p and 1.5p stamps.

The 1p crimson and 1.5p black stamps were first introduced in 1971 and although there is only one design there are many different variations and colour shades. The 1p and 1.5p are only available as definitive stamps. Commemoratives have never been issued. They also come with two types of gum i) lick and stick and ii) self-adhesive with the later being much scarcer as they were only issued in the mid 2000's.

According to the Royal Mail you still can combine two 1.5p stamps to make 3p but we never sell them as such.

Both the the 1p and 1.5p are reasonably easy to obtain from sheets and early booklets which makes it ideal for combining with other stamps to make larger values. However, most customers buy them in quantities of 100 or 200 at a time so they do go in and out of stock fast.

The images provided are just a few typical examples which you might find in your package.

When we receive your order the stamps are picked at random from our stock box so you will normally receive an nice mixture of different designs and formats.

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