13p x 100 Cheap Postage Stamps (mixed designs)

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Product Condition:   New


100 x 13p and 13.5p Discounted Postage Stamps.  Unless otherwise requested these lots will usually contain a broad mixture of standard pictorial commemorative stamps.

Note: The images shown are purely for illustration purposes. Where possible we do try to give customers a mixture of both Commemorative (Pictorial) and Definitive (Queen's Head) stamps but this really does depend on what stamps are in stock at the time of your order so there are no guarantees.

It is perfectly possible that you might receive a selection of stamps all of the same design, either definitive or commemorative stamps. Our range of stock changes every day and it truly does just depend on what we have available to send when we receive your order.

What we due GUARANTEE is that all of the stamps you receive will be 100% valid for postal use in the UK.

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