100 x 2nd Class (20% off) Christmas Stamps mixed designs worth £85

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100 x 2nd Class Christmas stamps mixed designs, basically a completely random mix of designs (every lot we make up will be different). Each stamp has '2nd' printed on it which means they can be used forever more, even when Royal Mail put there prices up.

All Christmas stamps remain 100% valid for postal use after 31st July 2023. You can use Christmas stamps all year long.

Approximately half of the stamps have self-adhesive gum and the other half have standard lick and stick gum.

Christmas stamps 1st and 2nd class stamps were first introduced in 1996 and a new set has been  issued every year since so there are dozens of different designs. Some have religious themes and just have popular Christmas themes like Wallace and Gromit etc.

These stamps are in original mint condition just like buying them from the Post Office or Royal Mail Philatelic Bureau.


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