£1 to £10 Discounted Stamps (mixed designs unless otherwise stated)

All of the postage stamps we sell are 100% genuine mint stamps that have never previously been used for postage. We DO NOT buy or sell any of the illegal " un-franked " stamps that you may see offered elsewhere on the Internet. It is completely illegal to re-use un-franked stamps and you will leave yourself open to legal action if you choose to use those stamps on your mail. The Royal Mail are now clamping down hard on any businesses found to be breaking the law.

Unless otherwise stated, the pictures shown are purely for illustration purposes. You may well receive a mix of commemorative (Picture) and definitive (Queen's Head) stamps depending on what we have in stock at the time of your order. We always have many more commemorative than definitive stamps.


Unfortunately the situation with supply of postage is just getting worse as each week passes.  For the time being this Pandemic and Brexit has almost killed the supply chain dead. There is very little postage coming in, something like 1/10th of what we could sell on a daily basis. We now have hardly any postage left to sell.

Our purchases have gone from £10,000 a day at this time last year to averaging only £500 a day this year.  Some suppliers who were selling stamps to us last year are now getting 90% face selling direct to the public.

Brexit has only made things worse as most of our best lots came from Europe. We have not been offered a single consignment of GB postage from any European dealer since 1st January. Normally we would receive 3 or 4 consignments a week from Europe.

We desperately need public stamp auctions to resume but there is simply no chance of that whilst the pandemic and the necessary restrictions are getting tighter rather than easier.

Last year was our best year ever in terms of postage sales but already this year could well be our worst. How things can change. We absolutely hate letting customers down so we will keep trying to source new material from where ever we can. We will continue to update the website as new material comes in.

In the meantime please stay safe where ever you are and I am sure we will get through this.

David A. Waldie - Managing Director - Philatelink Ltd - Tel: 01896 759703 OR 07510 312271 for advice.

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