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1p to 9p Discounted Stamps

Note:  Unless otherwise requested by the customer all of these postage lots will contain a mixture of standard definitive stamps (as per the image) and a wide variety of pictorial commemorative stamps.  When buying postage we are always offered far more pictorial commemorative stamps than definitives, by about 5 to 1.

All British decimal stamps issued from 1971 to 2016 are fully valid to be used as postage so long as they have original gum and have not already been through the postal system. All of the stamps we sell are purchased from reliable and trustworthy sources such as Public Stamp Auctions, Stamp Dealers and Private Collectors/Estates located in the UK, Europe and North America. This ensures that the stamps we sell to you are always 100% valid for postal use. We stock pretty much every mint stamp the Royal Mail have ever issued. Stamp values range from 1p to £10 and everything in between. 

Pick 'n' Mix stamps to create the values you need!